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Product Name:Mootooh Eco-solvent Ink

Product Details:
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USD 1.00-20.00 /Liter
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T/T,Western Union
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Production Capacity:
1000 Liter/Liters per Day
Delivery Time:
10 working days afer your full payment
Paper Carton

Detailed Product Description:

Ink Features:

1) Suitable for long time continuous print, environment friendly, no harm to print head.

2) No dissolve when print, compatible for different temperature, high resolution.

3) Best quality, and print vivid and bright color picture.

Use Manual:

1) Keep the bottle cap clean before use. If you are the first time use, please make sure to totally clean the ink cartridge and ink pipeline before use.

2)Do not mix our ink with other brand ink.


1) Keep it far from the flame, avoid being in the overheat and the straight sunshine.

2) Please print at the temperature 19°C-35°C.

3) Store in the ventilated, dry and cool places.

4) Please use fast after open bottle, after open, it is not suitable for store long.

5) Please keep it out of the children.

6) If the ink freeze in bottle, please put it in 19-35°C and wait it dissolve, use 2-3 hours after dissolve.